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What a way to start 2018! Dilated Peoples’ lead rapper Evidence chatted with us about his upcoming album, “Weather Or Not“, his first steps in the music industry and many other interesting things. Check out the whole interview below:

BT: First of all, we want to say that it’s an honor for our website to have you featured here for an interview. You just released a brand new single off your upcoming album. Are you happy from the final output of your album?

E: Yes, definitely. I’m glad it’s finally coming out. I’ve been sitting on for a while now and as an artist you always want to share what you were working on. So it takes a little discipline to wait. Shooting videos, shooting covers and do all the stuff that you need to do, but I’m happy for this one.

BT: What are your plans for the rest of 2018 in general?

E: Touring, promoting this record, I’m also shooting a lot of videos and I’m ready to keep dropping and share this record with the people.

BT: Are Dilated Peoples planning on releasing new music this year too?

E: No, I don’t think so. Rakaa is on my album, DJ Babu is on my album, so it shows that we are a crew and we are strong, both as individuals or as a unit. The last thing we did was “Directors Of Photography” and we spent time promoting and touring that. So it’s time for me to get back to promoting my stuff. I think it’s gonna be a couple of Evidence things, maybe like a “Step Brothers” (with The Alchemist) and we will see what we will do after that.

BT: After so many years in the industry, what pushes you in order to continue with new releases?

E: Music is actually what I like doing. This is what I do when I wake up. Regardless of whether I’m getting a check for it or if I have a campaign to promote. I think a lot of people tell themselves that they gonna rap for a certain time and then move to something else, but when you get to that point you’d realize that this is what I’m really good at. I just like to create shit…art or music, whatever. I just don’t want to end up having to get a job. I want to live my life always doing something creative.

BT: How do you feel about the Hip-Hop game in general? Mainstream and underground.

E: I think there is good and bad in both. I like some mainstream shit and I like some underground shit (laughs). Then, there is some whack shit on both. I’m not really caught up on if it’s underground or pop. I don’t trip off that too much. It is just what I like.

BT: How did you start rapping? Any people in particular that helped you out during your first steps?

E: QD3, a producer, Quincy Jones’ son. That was my biggest inspiration when I start rapping. The Alchemist, will.i.am, RedFoo, a lot of people. My home, my friends and people you might have never heard them (laughs).

BT: You have worked with many artists, but is there anyone that you want to work with and you didn’t manage to do it until now?

E: Mos Def. I don’t care if would rap with him, or produce the beat. I just want to do something.

BT: The next Grammys award ceremony is about to take place in a couple of weeks. Do you have any predictions for some of the awards?

E: F*ck no, hell no (laughs). Whoever wins, congratulations though (laughs)!

BT: You have won a Grammy though!

E: Kanye West won a Grammy for me, I’ve made a beat. That was tight.

BT: Congrats for this achievement. Did you enjoy your visit in Greece in 2012? Would you like to come back for another show?

E: I was just there, last year! In the Street Art Festival in Thessaloniki. You missed it (laughs)! It had 4000 people, they all got the message except you (laughs)!

BT: I was in your show in 2012, it was actually pretty dope. I live in Athens not in Thessaloniki, that’s why I didn’t got the message (laughts).

E: Yeah, that’s why (laughs)!!

BT: Thank you very much for doing this with us. Any final words for your fans in Greece?

E: I look forward to getting back. There is always nothing but love in there. Hopefully I could get an extra day to look for records and take pictures.

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