Beat-Town has the honor the introduce you a rapper from Compton, Problem. Problem, who’s most known for his hits “Say That Then” and “Like Whaaat”, belongs to the elite of the new generation of West Coast MCs. Born in Germany, the artist talked with us about his new project “Chachiville”, Compton and about other interesting themes. Read the full interview below:

Beat-Town: We would like to thank you for this interview. Where are you right now?

Problem: On my couch watching the Lakers game. Great times.

BT: You just released a brand new album called “Chachiville”. Are you happy with the final output of this new project? What should your fans expect from your new LP?

P: I’m super excited. It’s a mixtape though. My debut album will be dropping in the 4th quarter of this year. As far as this project, expect a trip to world that isn’t as terrible in the one we live in today. It’s a break from the bulls**t. Just great music. Great vibes. Great energy.

BT: What were your music influences while growing up?

P: The whole NWA tree. DJ Quik, MC Eiht, PAC, Jay, Biggie, outkast, Eminem…Kanye, Wayne, Fabolous. you know THE GREATS

BT: Are there any differences in the way of life in Compton during the 90s compared to nowadays?

P: Very different. It’s hard to identify these days. It’s not so much “color” based as far as gang attire goes. More clickish. But still beautiful in a Compton kinda way.

BT: How do you feel about hip hop right now? Both mainstream and underground.

P: It’s a rapidly growing genre. Hip hop is fairly new. It’s still defining and redefining what it is as we speak. From The business of it to the sound of it. I’m proud to be apart of it.

BT: Besides rhyming, how do you spend your free time?

P: With my family and friends. I hoop. I binge watch my favorite shows. Enjoy marijuana from time to time lmao.

BT: How do you feel when they compare you with West Coast legends like Snoop Dogg or Ice Cube, describing you as one of the artists that can carry the torch on?

P: Honored and ready. I still have so much growing to do in my opinion. So much more to learn. To be mentioned in the same breath of my heroes is humbling and adds fuel to the fire at the same time.

BT: How was the first time you met with Snoop Dogg?

P: I was with Terrace Martin. He Introduced us. I just kept staring at him without letting him know I was lmao!! He still as cool to me know as he was that day. Salute to King Snoop

BT: What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

P: More music. More growth. More Diamond Lane Music Group.

BT: We would like to thank you for this interview. Any last words for your fans in Greece?

P: Thank you to all our fans in Greece! I can’t wait to get out there a Tear that f**king stage up!! Whaaaaaaaaat

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Hosted by: Panagiotis Christoulakis & Hektor Apostolopoulos

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