Vicetone is a Dutch DJ and production duo formed by Ruben Den Boer and Victor Pool. The talented duo just released a brand new single “Kaleidoscope” completing a great year for them. Beat-Town had the chance to talk with them about many interesting and different issues. Check out the full interview below;

Beat-Town: You guys recently released one of our favorite tracks this moment, “Kaleidoscope”. What was the creative process behind the track?

Vicetone: This track started when we discovered Grace through our management. She’s a very talented singer and when she sent over the first demo of Kaleidoscope, we fell in love with the vocal immediately. It doesn’t always happen that we take an instant liking to a vocal when we hear it, but this one was special to us. It took a few months to really get the mix to sound right, but we’re very excited about the end product.

BT: Any future plans regarding 2017 you can already reveal to us?

V: A lot of exciting collaborations! We have tons of new music in store, some of the best songs we’ve made to date.

BT: How would you describe your music style to readers or fans which might not be familiar with your sound?

V: Energetic, vibey electronic music.

BT: During the last 5 years, you have been releasing tons of impressive tracks and remixes. Comparing that time with your current state, do you think that your style has changed over the years? Any areas in which you think you have become better or more mature in matter of production or live performances?

V: It has evolved, rather then changed. Our music still has the same feeling in it compared to 4 years ago, but we express it in different BPMs and sounds these days. Music is always evolving, and as artists we want to evolve with it, rather than stay stagnant and do the same thing over and over again. We’re really lucky to have such dedicated fans who always support us and our style – without them, this wouldn’t be possible.

BT: Could you name your highlight of your career so far and maybe also your most disappointing moment?

V: We’ve had many disappointments in our career, as all artists do. The failures and disappointments shape you as a person and help you grow. Failure is necessary for long term success. There’s a lot of stories to tell – but we prefer to focus on the good. One of the highlights in our career include remixing big names like Linkin Park, Tiesto, and Hardwell, as well as playing Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland. A recent highlight for us has been releasing Nevada, which is probably the most played track of ours.

BT: Do you have any special source of inspiration?

V: Movie music and oldschool dance music that we grew up with – both of these are huge sources of inspiration for us.

BT: Do you prefer performing on a huge stage like in Tomorrowland or watching your newly produced single climbing up the charts and getting a massive attention from your fanbase?

V: Both are amazing feelings and it’s VERY hard to pick between these! Gun to head, we’d probably pick the latter – since it’s a longer lasting feeling. The feeling on stage usually lasts less then 2 hours – a well performing track can last for months!

BT: We know that your schedule involves a lot of touring and studio sessions, but how do you spend your free time?

V: Usually we spend time with friends and family when we’re off. Other then that we do what most people do – play video games, watch Netflix series and play the occasional basketball pick-up game.

BT: We really want to thank you for this interview. Any final words for your fans in Greece?

V: We can’t wait to come to Greece one day – it’s always been Ruben’s favorite holiday location in Europe. Much love to all our fans – and we hope to see you soon!!

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