Mackenzie Nicole is a sixteen years old up & coming artist at the music industry signed to Tech N9ne’s label “Strange Music”. The talented singer & songwritter sat down for an interview with Beat-Town, where we talked about her career, his habits and many other insteresting things. Read the whole interview below.

Beat-Town: We would like to thank you for doing this for our site. Where are you now?

M: At present, I am sitting at my favorite coffee shop down the street from the studio, this super hip little joint called Post Coffee Company. I just got back from a three week stretch of meetings and radio tours out of town, so it’s nice to be back home. I love traveling, but I’m a creature of habit.

BT: When did you start singing? What made you choose it as your profession?

M: I began training classically to sing opera when I was six and started featuring on recorded tracks with my labelmate Tech N9ne at age nine. My first released solo track was Actin Like You Know, which came out in November 2015 on our label wide collaborative album. Growing up in the music industry, I never really chose it as a profession; there was always some implicit understanding that I would at least attempt a career in music.

BT: What are your plans for the rest of the year?

M: Our plans for the rest of the year are primarily to take time artfully developing my solo album as intricately as possible. In the meantime until its undecided release, you can hear me on some features with my labelmates. For example I worked on a track with Big Scoob.

BT: How is it for a young and upcoming artist to work next to a legendary artist like Tech N9ne?

M: I am incredibly fortunate to work alongside such icons as Tech and my other labelmates. They’ve always been family to me and now more than ever we’ve all only grown closer as they progress into my professional mentors as well.

BT: How would you describe your relationship with Tech N9ne?

M: Tech is basically my uncle. I’ve known him my entire life, we go on family vacations together, he’s at house during the holidays. I love Tech.

BT: Do you have any music idol(s)? Are there specific artists that you would like to work with.

M: YES! If I had to pinpoint a handful (let’s say three), I would say Tupac, The Doors, and Marina & the Diamonds. Regarding artists I would love to collaborate with, my latest obsession is Flume. I’d kill to be on a Flume album.

BT: What would you advise those who are pursuing a career in the music industry?

M: HAVE WORK ETHIC. Talent’s worth nothing if you can’t back it up with the will to grind. The music is like 1/5 of my job. Sure, it’s the most central fifth, but only a fifth nonetheless.

BT: How do you spend your free time?

M: Wait, what’s free time? As a student at a college preparatory academy balancing a full-time career, there isn’t a lot of free time to speak of. But when I do get a moment here or there, I love exploring my city; Kansas City is such a beautiful, diverse place and I swear I discover some new hidden gem every day. I also have a pretty intense caffeine addiction, so I like to indulge that a lot. Pretty much every coffee vendor in town knows me by name.

BT: I would like to thank you again for this interview and wish you the best for the rest of your career. Do you have something last to say to our readership?

M: Thank you for reading my mini-rants! And, as for the readership, I want to thank you for taking some time to check me out and I hope you stick with me for the near future – we’ve got a lot of big stuff coming, you’ll see. (;

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