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Bishop Lamont is a 37 years old rapper from California. Dr. Dre signed Bishop Lamont back in 2005. Bishop was featured in The Source’s Unsigned Hype section, but he was already signed to Aftermath by the time the issue hit stands. Beat-Town had the chance the chat with him about his upcoming album, “Detox” and many other interesting things.

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BT: First of all, we would like to thank you for doing this interview with us. It’s nice to have you here. You just release an exciting single called “Back Up Off Me” with Xzibit & Kaleb Simmonds. This single is going to be featured in your upcoming album “The Reformation”. When should we expect this LP?

BL: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to reach the people living the hiphop culture in Greece! Yes, “Back up off me” is a great song to me for a couple of reasons, for one, there’s nothing out there that sounds like it, it’s actual hiphop using a classic breakbeat, showing love to the culture, and me and Xzibit are spitting straight Bars!!! “The Reformation” will be out 8.19 at!

BT: Could you reveal other artists that will contribute to “The Reformation”?

BL: No, because that would take the fun out of it, and decrease the full potency of experiencing the album and enjoying not knowing what’s gonna happen next! Kinda like when u watch a great Thriller, action, or Horror movie for the first time.

BT: Before a decade, Dr. Dre has said that you would be extensively featured in his album “Detox”. This album never came out. Did this disappoint you? How is your relationship with Dre now?

BL: Yes, and we actually did work on it extensively, but to no avail did we get to accomplish that task. And I can say without a doubt, everyone that was there at aftermath, the true warriors, musical soldiers, we all gave it our everything! It was very disappointing, I can’t speak for everyone on this, I can only speak for myself, it was crushing to see all of that hard work go unheard, unseen, unfinished. But Life goes on!

BT: What made you leave “Aftermath”?

BL: Let’s be clear, I didn’t want to leave, but circumstances made it the only choice. I couldn’t get a release date, couldn’t get radio support, couldn’t get budget for videos, couldn’t tour, couldn’t breathe! Lol It’s funny now, but it wasn’t then. My greatest dream come true, became a nightmare, and a musical prison sentence.

I had meetings to demand a release date at Interscope, a A&R if that would help the process, I offered letting me move to Geffen, universal, wherever, just let me see the light of day. Nothing, not a single compromise, and then there was even more going on than I was aware of, on a greater scale when it comes to business. It wasn’t about music, it was a corporation, and for the suits, they don’t give a fuck about new artist! They only care about new money, and more money! And I finally got to see Dre at the studio and asked him to please put me out or let me out. My big bro Mark Batson helped in the process, and in a few weeks, I was given my walking papers! That was a very sad day, bitter-sweet!

BT: How do you feel about hip hop nowadays? Both underground & mainstream.

BL: Honestly, my opinion doesn’t matter! How do you feel about it? That’s who you should really be asking! I answer that question best through what I’m writing and recording myself. So for me, I’m hearing real music again, heartfelt, real life, world music, created to touch the heart, your soul, and stimulate the mind. With my album I created a soundtrack for real Every day life all around the world. I’ve prescribed musical medicine for whatever u may need a cure.

BT: You have worked with many artists, but is there anyone that you want to work with and you didn’t manage to do it until now?

BL: There’s always more artist to work with, but there’s also no need to work with more new artist, if you’ve got most of the best musicians, singers, emcees, in the world already! 😂 I’m content with my current team, so I’m not really anxious or seeking out more new artist to work with. I like for that process to occur naturally, by chance meetings at shows backstage, or we meet thru mutual friends, and we have a genuine connection, just being human. And by that I mean, no Hollywood shit, just being present, conscious, and cool.

BT: You have been featured in a lot of video games’ soundtracks (Madden 2007, NBA Live 06, NFL Street 2 & more) and in movies’ soundtracks (ex. Havoc). Do you play video games or do you enjoy watching movies? How else do you spend your free time?

BL: Yes, and I’m very thankful for all of those opportunities over the years, thank you to all the wonderful people at EA, Rockstar, and Αctivision! I used to play video games when I was younger, but I rarely ever do now, maybe a few levels of avengers on my daughter’s DS, but nothing constant. I love movies, sci-fi, Horror, action, Thrillers, comedies, a good romance here and there, documentaries, and cartoons. Adult swim is my world!!! But just last week I took my TV out of my bedroom, I’m taking a 3 month break from the stupid box. I’m going to devote more time to reading and other more productive things. I don’t really have free time, my time is being a father full time, making music, being healthier, training, learning. Pretty boring stuff to most people!😂😂😂

BT: Have you ever been to Greece? If no, would you like to visit our country some day?

BL: No, I have never been. A friend of mine from a group called 2nd roof, has a restaurant in Greece. He told me when I finally come, dinner is on him. I look forward to visiting Greece, meeting the people, experiencing life there, and hopefully I get to do a show while I’m there, for all of you that love real HIPHOP music!

BT: We would like to thank you again for doing this with us. Any last words for your fans in Greece?

BL: Yes, I didn’t know I had fans in Greece!!! So thank you for listening, and now that I know I have fans in Greece, I will be shouting out Greece on a new song!!!!😂😂😂 And last but not least, u can follow me on Twitter @bishoplamont, on Instagram @bishoplamont1, or find me on Facebook. And please go preorder my new album “The Reformation” at!!! Right now!!! Lol PEACE!

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