Πολύ καλό remix από TKDJS για το “In My Headphones” από Ayer, το οποίο μπορείτε μάλιστα να κατεβάσετε for free στο ακόλουθο link: http:///tkdjs/ayer-in-my-headphones-tkdjs-remix

When AYER came to us and asked us to do a remix for the EP we couldn’t say no. Lots of fresh sounds in those tracks and if you’ve listened to AYER’s voice before you know it’s really amazing. This one’s a follow up to our single together “Don’t Leave”, and will definitely get all up “in your headphones”. We took this remix darker, feature haunting echoing vocals, distorted synth lines and a vampirey kick bass that compliment AYER’s lyrical drama. It’s a little future house, a little drape house, and some serious bass. Bump this one loud.

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