Federico Scavo - Parole Parole (VIDEO)

Ο Ιταλός Federic Scavo προωθεί με όλα τα μέσα το ολοκαίνουργιο single του, με το επίσημο video clip να κυκλοφορεί ήδη στα διαδικτυακά μέσα.

The official video for the huge hit ‘Parole Parole’ from the Italian DJ and Producer Federico Scavo has been released.

The record which was originally released 43 years ago by Italian Diva Mina, was re-worked by Federico Scavo this year for d:vision and turned into a powerhouse roller that masterfully samples the 1972 classic and evidently stormed the iTunes charts, reaching the Top 10 in Italy.

Video accompaniment comes in the shape of a slick offering from prolific Italian director Marco Salom, and features Federico himself having a conversation with a beautiful model over the phone, as she sings the ultra-catchy chorus back to him. The video perfectly encapsulates the good-time vibes of the track, adding a unique edge to the dance floor killer ‘Parole Parole’ that has blown up globally this year.

Federico has quickly garnered a reputation as one of Italy’s leading DJs and producers – receiving multiple awards for ‘Best Italian Deejay’ (Musicaparole Awards 2015) and ‘Best Producer’ and ‘Best Guest DJ’ at the Italian Dance Music Awards 2015. ‘Parole Parole’ will be the soundtrack to the summer for many this year thanks to Federico. Check out the video now!

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