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“A man that emerged from his passion and love of music, it has been a way of life for LTN. A talented and hardworking man, striving to show the best of him. Music has always been his passion, it runs through his vein. His love of music is reflected with all the music he creates in the studio and the live sets that he played. Mixed seamlessly, LTN stay through with his own style and sound, making his DJ sets seemingly a never ending journey. Trance has always been his unleashed passion, his one thing in life to accomplish. During these past years, that is his sole mission. He accomplished it by releasing tunes after tunes that gain recognition from all the top trance DJ. His music brings you euphoric feeling that takes you to another level. Offers for remixes flooding in, and LTN produces superb tracks after tracks. LTN has been invited by top DJs to be a guest mix in their radio show. His recent guest mix in Above and Beyond Group Therapy has wowed people all over the world.

Through his natural instinct with music, flawless mixing style and innate tune selection, he has amazed crowds in every city. His productions, sets, and releases stretch from peak time club heaven to the sort of perfect chill out that could bring a man to tears. Tracks, such as ‘Never Let Me Go’, ‘Daylight’, ‘City of Lights’, ’A Path To Nowhere’, has been in the top 10 in Beatport Trance Chart. His podcast ‘Above the Sky’ is always anticipated by listeners all over the world. His accomplishment speaks for itself. Nominated as ‘The Next Big Thing” by Solar Stone & ‘Breakthrough DJ/Producer’ by DASH BERLIN in 2012.” (source: https://www.facebook.com/djltn/)”

Original Interview by Beat-Town.com (English Version):

Beat-Town: We are really happy to have you featured on our site LTN. I have to admit that you have started pretty strong in 2015. Our readership enjoyed your EP with Kokai a lot and you released some great remixes too, like for example for Lian July’s record “Surrender”. On what are you currently working on, Louis?

LTN: Thanks so much for having me. I just finished my debut artist album “People I’ll Never Forget” which will be released on 11th May 2015. It took me around 1.5 years to finish the album. Currently I am working on many remixes, and doing some different style projects, working on bootlegs and maybe planning something for my second debut album hahaha (laughter), but most importantly, I would love to see people’s reaction to the first album. Hope everyone enjoys it as it’s really important to me as a musician to share my expression via music (smiles).

BT: What differences do you see in your own productions as you get more and more experienced?

LTN: It’s been like 10 years now for me as a producer. My productions of course will get better each time but you know we can’t satisfy everyone so I just do my best and keep looking for some new sounds, different styles, and lately I’ve really enjoyed making deep house combine with Trance elements, which is kinda new style for me :). I call it “Future Deep Trance” for my Sunrise Remix trademark (smiles).

BT: How important is it for a new artist to get his songs released on a big label like Enhanced Progressive? I remember that you started pretty early releasing your songs there with records like “Dim Sum 24” and “Forbidden Zone”

LTN: It’s such an honour for me to be onboard with Enhanced. Will Holland is a cool guy, he gives me an honest opinion about my music, told me which parts of my production should be improved. You know when you heard Dim Sum 24, you can hear the difference with my current sounds :D, the mixing is not that great, the basslines not fat enough, etc. But you know as I keep practicing over the time and doing so many trial and error, my tracks will get better every time. My advice for new producers is to hang in there, and practice will make you better.

BT: So, after your first label releases, you are now witnessing some important successes in various charts. Your tracks are getting more and more recognized in Beatport and I guess that this motivates you a lot, am I right?

LTN: Yes it is. I am so happy that lately my singles or remixes are always on the Top 100 Trance charts. It motivates me to make a better track every time.

BT: Awards, nominations, supported by big names of the industry, people around the world listening to your tracks, does all of this make your more nervous or does it make you more ambitious? Or maybe both?

LTN: It makes me more motivated to push myself into more great productions and do my best to satisfy my fans.

BT: Can you tell us something about your studio set up and maybe also talk a bit about your influences and motivations when working in the studio?

LTN: My studio is a simple one. At this stage, I’m using Neumann Berlin monitor speakers which sounds great and very detailed in my opinion. I am using Access Virus TI Polar for synthesizer, many VSTIs, and mostly Nexus 2, Synlenth, NI Komplete 10 and Omnisphere for my productions. My influential tracks of all time are Oceanlab’s album and by the pioneer Armin Van Buuren, “Burned with Desire.” Their tracks motivate me to make an emotional and atmospheric melody.

BT: Which song did gave you the most difficulties to create and why? Are there any interesting stories behind some of your tracks or live sets you would like to talk about

LTN: Dash Berlin asked me to collaborate with him and that’s the hardest track to make, as it hasn’t’ been approved until now lol, which is a bit frustrating sometimes but I know that they are very professional and they have really high standards and push me beyond my limits.
An interesting story, Myon and Shane54 asked me to name my track DimSum24, as DimSum is our favourite place to hang out with when they are touring in my city, and it’s open 24 hours. That’s where the track name came from. Hahaha. Thanks brother for the cool title! :D.

BT: When you are taking a break from producing, remixing and touring, how do you spend your free time? Do you have any particular hobby?

LTN: Yes I do, I am a collector of diecast cars, remote control and collectible statues such as super heroes, animation, etc. I do tennis as my sport and I love video games (PC and PS4).

BT: Which person did support you the most during your professional career? What does your family think about your songs?

LTN: My family and my partner are the most important people in my career, as they always give me advice to hang in there and they believe that I will be a great producer. They all love my music since my early production and mainly my melodies, as I always try to deliver my feeling through my production.

BT: Have you ever visited Greece before? Would you like to perform live in Greece someday?

LTN: No I haven’t been there before. I would love to of course and hope one day I can deliver a great set there (smiles).

BT: Thank you for taking your time and doing this interview with us. Any final words for your audience in Greece?

LTN: I would love to thank my Greek fans for keep listening to my music and also for listening to my podcast “Above The Sky”. Thanks so much!! Love you all!


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Facebook– https://www.facebook.com/djltn
Website – http://ltnbeats.com/
Twitter: – https://twitter.com/louis_tan_ltn
Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/dj-ltn
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