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Felli Fel is one of the most influential DJs in the world having had a heavy hand in introducing most of the smash records of the past decade as well as producing a multitude of platinum records. He has quite literally been dubbed “The Record Maker and The Record Breaker”. His production discography reads like a music industry bible having produced hits for many of today’s major artists including 50 Cent, Chris Brown and Akon. Yet, he is a platinum recording artist in his own right with worldwide notoriety for his self produced hits such as “Finer things”, “Get Buck In Here”, “Boomerang”, and “It’s Your Birthday”. Felli’s hits have featured mega artists, Kanye West, Pitbull, Jermaine Dupri, Diddy, Lil Jon, Flo Rida, Ludacris and Akon.

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Beat-Town: First of all, I want to thank you for doing this interview with us. You had a great single in 2014 (“Have Some Fun”) with Pitbull, Cee-Lo Green & Juicy J. The Greek audience embraced this single immediately and we chose it as one of the best R&B tracks of 2014. We would like to know your plans for 2015? Are you planning on releasing a full length LP some day?

DJ Felli Fel: My plans for 2015 include traveling more worldwide, DJing in various cities and countries. I also plan on a best of compilation mixtape, and I’m working on 4 more singles set to drop before end of 2015. I have a new one, more of an EDM based track, about to drop with Juicy J, Tyga, and Lil Jon.

BT: The Greek audience loved also your singles “Get Buck In Here”, “Feel It” and “Boomerang”. How did these collaborations with artists like Diddy, Ludacris, Akon, Lil Jon etc. happen?

DF: By knowing them for years and having a good creative relationship with them.

BT: Is there anyone else you would like to work with, but you didn’t manage to do it until this day?

DF: Jay-Z and J. Cole

BT: Is there any song you would pick as the best of your career? Or maybe your most favorite one for various reasons?

DF: Finer Things with Kanye, Ne-Yo, Fabolous, and Jermaine Dupri is my favorite but Boomerang and Get Buck were probably my most successful to date with Get Buck hitting almost double platinum. I’ve just always had a special liking for Finer Things.

BT: Beside recording your own music, I have to say that you are making great interviews and entertaining DJ sets on successful radio stations. What do you love about the radio and about being a well-known radio personality?

DF: I love radio because I get to reach and hopefully touch people if they’re having a bad day. I’m very proud of my station and I’ve worked very hard here and recognize that I’m also very blessed.

BT: We usually like to ask producers about tips and advices for upcoming artists, but I would like to know if you have some advices left for people who want to start a career in the radio business. What’s important for becoming a good radio DJ or host or interviewer in 2015?

DF: A good radio DJ is like being a good club DJ, you have to know your crowd and what they want to hear. In radio, the challenge is you have to feed off your own energy and be creative and imagine the crowd whereas at a club, you can feed off the energy of the crowd in front of you and you’re able to SEE what they like/don’t like. My advice is whatever you want to be successful with in life, you need to surround yourself with it. For example, if you want to be a football player, sleep on a football field. I’ve surrounded myself with music, radio, DJs, clubs my whole life since I was 16.

BT: When you started djing on small house parties, did you believe that someday you would become a successful Dj, with great singles and well-known radio show?

DF: I had aspirations of being a Rapper/ Producer and when I started to DJ I realized that was more of a fit for me but I never imagined that it would take me this far.

BT: Have you ever visited Greece? If not, would you like to perform here live?

DF: I have never visited Greece. Yes, I’ve had the opportunity years ago but couldn’t work out the dates with my schedule. Hopefully one day I will visit…I’ve heard so much about it and would love to experience it in person.

BT: I want to thank you again for giving us the chance to chat with you. Do you have any final words for your fans in Greece?

DF: First off, thank YOU in your interest in me as a DJ/Producer. I’m very blessed to do what I love and make money at the same time. Hopefully one day I can come to Greece and show you what I do in person. If for any other reason, I would love to come and eat all your food for a week, LOL. Deuces!

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