Το θετικό single της Enchanced Progressive κυκλοφόρησε από τους Avenue One με τoν τίτλο “In Your Arms”. Το μόνο που μένει τώρα είναι να μάθουμε τα ονόματα των παραγωγών που συνθέτουν το μυστικό duo Avenue One, μιας και το επίσημο press release μιλάει για δύο πολύ γνωστά ονόματα.


Avenue One is a new collaboration between two established producers in the progressive trance scene, but for now their identities remain anonymous. They’ve been subtly releasing work over the past year, including their remixes of Aly & Fila’s “For All Time” featuring Jaren and Matt Cerf and Ost & Meyer featuring Fenja “Like We Love,” so a fan with a keen ear could solve the puzzle. On February 9, the enigmatic duo releases their first original track together, “In Your Arms,” on Enhanced Progressive and is one step closer to revealing their names.

“In Your Arms” is upbeat and warm, with undercurrents of summer nights and balmy breezes leading up to a night on the dancefloor. The housey vocals and midtempo beats put you right at a beachside lounge in Ibiza watching the sun set behind the horizon. Experimental basslines and shooting synths are reminiscent of early Arty and Mat Zo, and with this release, “In Your Arms” will take Avenue One from an incognito act in the shadows to a dance music household name.

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