TKDJS - Sellout_coverart

Οι TKDJS μας έστειλαν πριν από λίγο το ολοκαίνουργιο τους κομμάτι με τον τίτλο “Sellout” και μία κλασική φράση προερχόμενη από τον χώρο της Hip-Hop σκηνής.

“It’s G-House, Future House & Rave with a little west coast Snoop interlude. We originally wrote the beat as an instrumental, but when we found HOV’s classic “Bounce” for the vocal touch, it all flowed from there. Working with sounds from the mid-90s, the hook “Sellout” for us immediately became ironic. Can you write a song with elements from another decade and still be fresh?…or is it selling out? Does it even matter? is the song good? Lol

Anyway, despite the number of connotations behind the song name, we hope you enjoy what matters most…THE CHOOOOON.”

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