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Exclusive Interview with John Dahlbäck

Exclusive Interview with John Dahlbäck


“Label owner, producer, remixer and DJ: there isn’t much John Dahlback hasn’t done during his decade-young career. Now, at just 28, he sits atop the global dance scene with a forthcoming album on one of the world’s leading (and largest) electronic labels Ultra and a diary that defines the term transatlantic as he jets back and forth between America, Ibiza and beyond. Rewind just on eleven years and we find John at the start of his professional journey, signing his first releases at the tender age of 17, which even by the youthfully dominated standards of the world of dance, is remarkable.” (source:

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Beat-Town: First of all, we want to welcome you to our website. It is obviously a very busy period for you with a lot of important releases coming around the corner. We loved your track “Honors”, your newer single called “Heartbeat” was great and you had a huge collaboration with Kaskade and Sansa. Can it get any better than this in the next months?

John Dalhbäck: (laughter). Ιt’s been a great couple of months! Right now I’m sort of leaning back to see where “A Little More” can go, but the release schedule is packed so the next couple of months will be interesting!

BT:Many of your songs differ a lot from each other and you are one of those producers who are not afraid of switching their style and try out new things. One day you have a track like “Grunge” going on and the next day you release “Never Let You Go”. Could we assume that you feel “bored” by sticking with the same sound?

JD: I do get bored, but it’s also that I need to try different genres to grow as a producer. I’m very varied with what I like at the moment so I want to make all sorts of genres!

BT: Is there any musical genre you had not the chance to get involved with, but you would love to try it out someday?

JD: I don’t think I’ve ever done Ηardstyle but i’ts not something I’m gonna try to make (laughter). Leaving that to the people who know how to make it.

BT: When someone hears some of your tracks, he can usually feel that this is a ”John Dahlback track”, even though you tend to experiment a lot. Is it hard to stay true to your artistic identity? You obviously have found a way of staying current and in the same time being original and trying out new stuff.

JD: I guess it’s just how my sound is, no matter what genre. Obviously it’s difficult to change sound radically between stuff so it doesn’t matter if I’m making deep house or electro, you’ll hear that it’s me if you listen carefully

ΒΤ: We saw some updates on your social media profiles about the highly anticipated Myback-project. Can you reveal something about your “return” together with Albin Myers at this point?

JD: We started to make tracks again after a long time. It’s going really well and everything sounds fresh so we will see!

ΒΤ: At the age of 29, you run successful labels, you have a huge catalogue of successful songs, your “Mutants Radio Show” has become one of the best podcasts in the world and I am wondering if there is anything else you would like to achieve in the next years.

JD: I’d love to score music for film or games, would be really awesome to set the vibe in something with music! “Mutants Radio” is really fun to do. I love to mix those first 20 minutes of deep and tech house and then take the party onwards!

BT: You obviously like to remix a lot, even for songs that involve artists from other genres like for example R&B. Your work on Electroman gained a lot of attention and T-Pain chose to use this track in one of his live events here in Greece. We would like to know if you have any upcoming plans on releasing some new remixes or even collaborating with artists outside of the house scene.

JD: I work with a lot of singers with more of an indie background than me and that usually sounds really good. On the remix front, I’m taking it a bit slow at the moment due to my frequent release schedule.

BT: You are back from a long week or month, with heavy touring and a busy schedule. What is the first thing you want to do when you return home?

JD: See my family.

ΒΤ: Have you ever visited Greece? Would you like to play someday live in our country? A lot of people love your sound here.

JD: I went there for vacation when I was a kid and then I’ve played there once. It’s an amazing country and I would love to come back

BT:We want to thank you again for doing this interview with us. Our readership loves your work and they will definitely enjoy it. Anything you want to share with your fans in Greece?

JD: Party on!

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