Max Vangeli meszi DNCE

Επτά ημέρες απέμειναν μέχρι την επίσημη κυκλοφορία του “DNCE” των Max Vangeli και Adriem Mezsi, η οποία θα βγει στην αγορά από την κορυφαία SIZE Records.

“One of the most prominent forces in the Size Records family, Max Vangeli is back with his latest offering on Steve Angello’s label – ‘DNCE’ featuring Adrien Mezsi, out via Spotify exclusive on 27th October. Back with force, ‘DNCE’ packs a punch with an epic build up and an aggressive drop into a thunderous cacophony of synths and drums, laced with a deadly robotic vocal. 

Max Vangeli is an artist who has excelled in taking the energy of his music wherever he goes. His debut album in 2012 featured collaborations with Steve Angello and Tiesto and has gained support from the likes of Pete Tong. 

As part of the Size Records family, Max has had successes with ‘Grim’, ‘Glow’ and this year’s summer smash ‘Last Night Changed It All’, and has remained as relentlessly committed to perfecting his craft as ever.”

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