Βαρβάτο και αρκετά εντυπωσιακό release από τον Sevag με το πακέτο “People & Warrior EP” να προσφέρει δύο πολύ δυνατά singles και μ’ έναν συνεχόμενο ρυθμό που δεν σε αφήνει σε ησυχία. Τα κομμάτια κυκλοφορούν μέσω Beatport και στην συνέχεια του άρθρου μπορείτε να δείτε το επίσημο press relese μαζί με κάποια streams.


Sevag is back with his latest work on French production maestro Antoine Clamaran’s label, Electrade (sub-label under Pool E Music). The two track EP, consisting of Sevag originals “People” and “Warrior March”, is packed with the high quality dark progressive style that the world has come to expect and love from this fantastic producer talent.

“People” is a definite big room dance floor destroyer. A fat bass kick and rolling drumline gradually builds and leads to a breakdown of epic proportions; a beautiful and inspiring harmony of synths then takes the reigns until the drop explodes into a massive progressive groove. The appropriately titled, “Warrior March”, the second of the tracks of Sevag’s EP is also inspired by Sevag’s vintage style. However, this is the more intense of the two tunes, boasting a powerful drum roll and appropriate marching vibe throughout the entire track. Sevag’s production quality is evident throughout both tracks, the intricacies in each production are the mark of an artist who has clearly spent countless hours refining and fine-tuning.

With several successful releases behind his back and an upcoming show schedule packed with a series of compelling events, Sevag looks to continue his rise to stardom in the latter half of 2014. Be sure to grab your copy of “People” and “Warrior March” on September 24th!”

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