tom Staar, Tom Tyger, Zell Hanssen & Madwill - Sosumi Summer EP

To label του Kryder αντεπιτείθεται μ’ ένα όπως το χαρακτηρίζουν “καλοκαιρινό” EP με κομμάτια από τους Tom Staar, Tom Tyger, Zell Hanssen και Madwill. Το καλύτερο της υπόθεσης; Πρόκειται για μία δουλειά που προσφέρεται προς ελεύθερο κατέβασμα.

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1. Tom Staar – Ogre []

Ogre my God! Sometimes we wonder how an artist can take a sound that is completely out dated and bring it into today’s realm of relevancy…Well, Tom Staar is that guy. “Ogre” is that record. Big props to this classic house rocker. The drums are tuned to perfection, the tops are swung to a seamless groove and synth stab hits the ass shake nerve like only a Tom Staar stab can. “Ogre” is… impeccable.

2. Tom Tyger – Jedi []

As “EDM” sees an uprising of backlash, Tom Tyger’s record “Jedi” makes us remember why you can’t put all dance music in the EDM box. A straight forward synth bass driven tune that has all the makings of an instant classic. No big drops, no overzealous build ups, just down right pumpin’ flavor with a constant groove that hits your dance button square and center. Simplicity at its best. Bravo, Tom Tyger, Bravo!

3 . Zell Hanssen – Saturn []

Kryder has a knack for finding and exposing some pretty proper talent and Zell Hanssen is no exception. He delivers a record that could easily be coined “beautifully nasty”. “Saturn” has a very different yet distinct sound. Built on a foundation of subdued tribal drums and laced with a bass line that will make you feel like you’ve done something really inappropriate the night before (Yeah, it’s that dirty). The sustained synth lead releases into a break of chord progression bliss that builds back to a drop that is so fluid you’ll barely notice it. Flawlessly balanced, “Saturn” is mover and shaker we can all be excited about.

4. Madwill – Skyline []

You know when you are dancing in a club or at a festival and that certain record comes on that makes you look at your best friend and you make that crazy puckered lip dance face because both of you know shit is about to get really funky? “Skyline” is that record. Madwill hit the nail on the head, “Skyline” is house music at its best. Pumpin’, Funky, Bouncy, Drivin’ are all words that can be used to describe this ass shaking tune. Get it, enough said.

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