big mommas house kryder

Tom Staar και Kryder κυκλοφόρησαν το εξαιρετικό “Big Momma’s House” το οποίο θα βγει προς ελεύθερο κατέβασμα (!) μέσω της Sosumi Records τις 28 Ιουλίου.

Yeah ok…if there was anybody on the face of the earth that could bring a new dynamic to the classic overly remixed sample of Michael Jackson’s Mama Say Mamakossa, Kryder and Tom Staar take the cake. Their upcoming release Big Momma’s House features Big drums, shakers for swing, and a carnival-esque lead that moves the blood through the veins. The record is big in a way that is constant and driving, then finished by layering the classic Mama Say Mamakossa sample to make the whole experience enjoyable for the old school and new school. Listen Up…this is how you do house!
Available to download for FREE from Monday 28th July from @sosumi-records

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