“Things have moved fast for Galavant in their native Sweden! With their gold-awarded debut single “Tonight” they have got well over 4 million streams on Spotify in Sweden alone and with 22 consecutive weeks in the Swedish Top 100 chart the success is undeniable! A part from the single´s success Galavant have made appearances on some of the biggest and most prestigious gigs in Scandinavia including their set at the Summerburst Festival in front of 45.000 people (their debut “Tonight” was also the theme song for the festival!) as well as before Axwell at his own concept together with Carlsberg “Where´s The Party”!

Galavant consists of Sebastian Atas and Victor Sjöström and their story begins as late as 1.5 years ago when Victor through friends heard some of Sebastian’s work online. Victor contacted Sebastian and soon after they decided to go all-in together and put all their effort into making music. That would soon prove to have been a wise decision.”
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Beat-Town: I am really happy to have you featured today on our site. Who and what concept lies behind the stage name “Galavant”?

Galavant: First of all, many thanks for having us on Beat-Town! Our name was not as easy to come up with as one might think. We had a really hard time coming up with one that we felt connected to. We wanted a name with a meaning, but in the end one of our manager’s girlfriends suggested that we should use the name Galavant. It means to roam about in search of excitement and pleasure, which fits in pretty well with who we are as people. So Galavant it was…

BT: When did you first start making music professionally?

Victor: We met online about two years ago when I contacted Sebastian to get together and work on some tracks. Then we met our management team soon after, and we didn’t really know what to expect. We got into this industry with no expectations whatsoever and have been on quite a journey since. If somebody would have told us that we were going to be signed to labels like Ultra Music and Universal, play the biggest festival in Sweden, and have our first release sell platinum we would probably have said that they were full of s**t.

Sebastian: Alex and Stefan from Fingertip Management have believed in us since day one, and all the hard work is starting to pay off now. It’s still very early, so we need to stay on track and not lose our focus. We are very happy that we are able do what we truly love and that people enjoy our music. We really look forward to releasing more tracks and showing people what Galavant is all about!

BT: Our readership loves your work and especially your new official single ‘World Of Dreams,’ which was very good. How do you feel about the track? Are you satisfied with its current position at the charts and its general course?

GA: We absolutely love the track! ‘World of Dreams’ has been huge for us. Having signed the track to Universal and Ultra, we feel confident that it will continue to grow in the coming months. Naturally, it’s hard to keep a position on the charts with so much good new music out there, but we are happy that it got recognized on the Beatport progressive chart when it was released.

BT: The vocals of Mary Jane Smith matched perfectly with your sound, so I would like to know how this collaboration came to life.

GA: We believe that music is all about creating emotions, something that we aim to do with every track that we put out there. Our main goal is to make everyone that listens to our music feel something special, and this is what guides us when we look for lyrics and singers to work with. We are quite picky when it comes to vocalists. Before we decided on ‘World Of Dreams,’ we had a lot of alternatives presented to us, but there were none that we felt had the right ingredients to move people in the direction that the instrumental track really deserved.

BT. Do you think that having vocals on EDM tracks plays a major role in being successful on the mass media?

GA: As dance music has become mainstream, and by that we mean that it gets airtime on the radio, vocals have become a necessity in order to appeal to the masses. It is extremely hard to create an instrumental track today that is commercial enough to climb the charts. You need at least a small hook for people to find it appealing.

BT: You’ve created two big tunes over the last two seasons, “Tonight” in 2013 and now we have “World of Dreams”. Does all of this make you more nervous about keep releasing good but also successful tracks?

GA: We always strive to produce top quality tracks. ‘Tonight’ was awarded a platinum record in Sweden, and ‘World of Dreams’ is doing very well so far. This success only motivates us more. We are still new on the scene, and we are working towards building our own unique sound. We have a lot of new music in the works. Some of the tracks have great potential, so we are not at all nervous about getting them out there!

BT: On the one side there is the critical acclaim from the media or the fans and on the other side we have the commercial success like charts, sales, radio airplay etc. What would you say is more important for your procedure of creating new tracks?

GA: We make the kind of music that we like and appeals to us as producers. What other people discuss in the media is not really of our concern. We just hope people like our music and that they are willing to listen to it and enjoy it and of course come see us play at the many different clubs and festivals we attend.

BT: Could you describe your music-making process and tell us about the tools/programs you use for composing new tunes?

GA: The DAW we mostly use is Fruity Loops. We find the program very easy to work with, and it is the right tool for us to be creative when mixing new tunes. We always start with the melody more or less. We aim to compose melodies that emote, and once we have the melody done we start to create the rest of the track. We build everything around the melody and chord progression.We also put a lot of work in the beats to bring the right “push” to the track.

Regarding programs, we have a few favorite VST’s. We use Sylenth, Massive, and Nexus in almost all of our productions. They are easy to use and create great sounds. For mixing, we use Waves. It’s a great bundle with all the tools we need to produce a solid and clean mix.

BT: Are there any particular artists which you admire or maybe have influenced your music more than others?

GA: There have been quite a few people that have inspired us to become DJs and most of all allowed us to think big and pursue those dreams. Artists like Axwell, Alesso, and Eric Prydz have been a big inspiration to us over the years and have helped shape us as artists. It is hard to describe the feeling you get every time you hear a new track by one of those guys and the way that they are able to reinvent themselves over and over again to create new sounds.

BT: Can you tell us something about your upcoming releases? Any interesting collaborations you would like to reveal at this point?

GA: At the beginning of August, we have an upcoming release on Pinkstar, EDX’s label, which we feel very good about. The track is called ‘Zero,’ and it has a harder touch to it. It’s clubbier, nothing like ‘Tonight’ or ‘World of Dreams.’ We think it can do some serious damage in the clubs!

BT: Thank you again for doing this interview with us. I wish you all the best and I hope we will get the chance to watch you perform someday in Greece! Do you want to add any final words for our readers and the Greek EDM community in general?

GA: Once again, thank you for having us! We really look forward to coming to Greece to play soon. We would especially like to visit Thessaloniki and Athens, not to mention Mykonos, which we hear is really crazy!

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