Hedegaard - Happy Home (Mats Gulbrandsen Remix)

Από τα πιο καλοδουλεμενα remixes των τελευταίων ημερών και με την υπογραφή από Mats Gulbrandsen.

“Warning, this recording has some facebook sounds.. Sorry 😀

A little while ago I posted a remix of Hedegaards new track with Lucas Graham “Happy Home”. And told you guys how much I loved the track.

It created some buzz online with alot of shares and people seemed to enjoy the remix. One thing quickly led to another, and 22 hours after the soundcloud link got posted. It was an official remix. 😀

The release date is not set. But here it is presented on Norway biggest commercial radio station P4!


Let me know if you like this music by commenting, liking and/or sharing :)”

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