Everybody who loves the EDM sound must probably know by now the name Stadiumx. The Hungarian duo has rocked not only the Beatport charts with their superb release “Howl At The Moon”, but also the Ultra Music Festival in general. Their collaboration with Taylr Renee became the “Most Played Track” of the festival (!) and these guys seem ready to provide us with great material in the following months.

We caught up with Stadiumx in an exclusive interview and talked about their big hits, their upcoming projects and their “relationship” with Muzzaik!

The (un)Official list of the three most played tracks during the Ultra Music Festival 2014

ultra festival number one

Beat-Town: First of all, I want to thank you for this interview. How are you doing these days?

Sully: Thank you, we’re having wonderful time in the studio, there are so many things to do right now! Hopefully we’ll finish some original productions as well, we’re very happy with them!

BT:. The last weeks must have been really awesome for both of you, you have a great single standing currently at the top of Beatport and you are also working on a very promising remix for “All These Roads”. What else should we expect from you in 2014?

Dave: Yes, we’re very happy with the success of “Howl At The Moon”. All of us with the management, the label, the whole team worked very hard and it’s very good to see the people happy with it as well! We think it’s very big and honorific thing to have a Beatport no. 1. song as your first single. We’ve been working in the studio on new remixes and original productions too. Hopefully some of these tracks will be available to show to the audience very soon! We’ve some great collaborations as well with other talented producers and vocalists!

BT. When you’re doing official remixes for tracks made by well-known artists like Sultan + Ned Shepard, are you feeling more pressured to live up the hype? Does the “weight” or the importance of the name of the original artist affect your procedure of producing a new version of an already known track?

Sully: Well, if you thinking about this whole process as a pressure or weight on your shoulder in that case you won’t be able to let yourself to put the track into a new dimension. Making music is a long and hard process even with original productions, but when you have a song to remix, you have to make sure it will be fine with not just your standards but the original producer’s of the track as well! Sometimes you have the mood to develop a remix in a few days, sometimes 2 months are not even enough. That’s why we try to carefully select the songs to pick to remix… also we don’t really want to repeat ourselves!

Unfortunately sometimes the labels want to hear exactly the same you’re known for, same sounds, same structure but you can’t force all of your style to something completely different because that’s just not going to work! We think if somebody asks for a Stadiumx remix, they do it because they want the track with our ideas.

BT: I won’t ask you if you expected the success of “Howl At The Moon”, because I think everybody who listened at the early previews and leaks couple months ago was instantly blown away by it. Are you keeping an eye on comments made by fans on different social media or on early uploads in various streams and video services? How important is the feedback you get from random listeners about your tracks?

Dave: We think it’s really important. First of all you get a lot of energy from the positive feedback! Most of the time when you are working on a new track you get in the mood that it’s not enough good. We’re very critic about what we do but if you start something over and over again from the bottom you won’t be able to finish it! So other’s feedback is very important. We release our ideas in our tracks but by the end of day it will depend on the people’s choice it will be successful or not! So knowing what’s working and what’s not it’s a good research. However you really have to be careful with this! Positive and negative feedback is useful but there are always people who disrespect your work which could be very irritating.

BT. I really believe that the production of “Howl at the Moon” fits perfectly with Taylr Renee’s voice. So I am wondering, did you reach out to Taylr Renee after having the music already “finished” or did you start working on this song after you got a confirmation that you could collaborate with her?

Dave: Actually the original song was made to guitar hook i think. We received the song just like that! It was in a completely different direction. We loved her voice and the lyrics so much we jumped on the track to work out immediately. We did some early versions but just before we wanted to send back to Taylr Renee we both felt these are not enough good to a vocal like this! so we started to work out again in a different way. And that was the version what you hear today as the original version of “Howl At The Moon”.

BT: Are there any other vocalists or fellow producers you would really like to work with in the future?

Dave: Yes. We really into vocals and good lyrics. Fortunately due to great management we will be able to work with some amazing vocalist but let me tell you more infos soon…

BT: Sullivan, you are also known for your quality work as one half of Muzzaik, right? How did this shift towards this more progressive sound of Stadiumx happen?

Sully: Yes, we do Muzzaik project for more than 12-13 years now with Danny. Actually we’re working on the Muzzaik sound as well to evolve but Muzzaik is all about house music basically. We’ve spent a lot of time in the studio with Dave too and we felt we’ve so many new sounds, ideas we can’t put to house music. Because if we would do it, you can’t call it house music anymore. At the time when we did “Let’s go” as Dave Martin we all felt the same.The track did so many positive feedbacks and climbed very high on the Beatport charts as well but it was not the “Muzzaik sound” anymore. So after we’ve decided to develop a new project with all the ideas and projects we had from the studio and Stadiumx was born.

BT: If you had to describe Stadiumx as a project, which words or phrases would you use?

Dave: I would say energetic and emotional. Usually this is the concept when we’re making music.

BT: You’ve travelled a lot because of your gigs and live shows, so I would like to know if you enjoy having a show abroad more than playing in Hungary. Or is it in the end just about the music and the people enjoying your tracks?

Sully: I think it doesn’t really matter where do you play if you have good people and great audience.

BT: Have you ever travelled to Greece for vacations or maybe even had a live performance there? Do you know any Greek producers or vocalists? Someone you came across their music and enjoyed their work?

Sully: I’ve visited Greece for a few times for vacation and one time to play in a club several years ago. I know only Agent Greg as a DJ/producer.

BT: I want to thank you again for doing this and I wish you all the best. Do you have any final words for our readers?

Dave: Thank you for the interview! And we wish you all the best too!

Sully: Thank you!


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