“So here’s my remix to Light’s And Thunder.

There’s many things about this remix.
I brought in a bunch of the older Ton!c sounds but every single lead you hear in the drop (except the sawtooth dutch lead and the krewella vocal) are all my voice. So the process of the sound design was a bit longer than usual. There’s another big room drop with a progressive feel to it. I also recorded myself clapping, and doing a couple other loops you’ll hear in the full track.

Now the ending was what i was excited to do.
I’ve always loved reggae, and ive been wanting to add it to some of my tracks.
So i picked up my guitar, put together some drum samples i recorded, added some more of my vocals recorded on my iphone, whipped up a vintage sounding organ, brought in the melody i used for the progressive drop with a lead that was also created with my voice, and tried to make the whole piece sound like an actual reggae band. The trick was blending it all smoothly and come together so it works. So i hope you guys dig it!

also, the reggae doesn’t come in that soon, there’s a full minute outro before that comes in, this was just an edit i did for preview.

Much love to Gareth Emery for giving me a shot at this remix.
There’s more to come fam! thank you for all the support, with out you guys I wouldn’t be where i’m at.”

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