Άλλο ένα remixάκι που αξίζει την προσοχή σας με τους HIIO να ανεβάζουν την ολοκληρωμένη έκδοση του επίσημου remix του “Bonfire Heart” σε όλα τα γνωστά online stores. Πρόκειται για το πρόσφατο single του άλλοτε multi-platinum καλλιτέχνη James Blunt.

HIIO ring in the New Year with an official remix of Bonfire Heart for English singer-songwriter James Blunt, to be released out on Atlantic Records January 20, 2014. Best know for his smash hit You’re Beautiful, and having the second best selling album for 2013, James Blunt is a global favourite. HIIO’s remix of Bonfire Heart transforms the lovely original into a record which will rock the festival stages worldwide. HIIO gives a spark to Bonfire Heart with tantalizing breakdowns, beautiful melodies, vocals featuring the chorus from James Blunt, and of course that South American HIIO influence.”

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