Πανδαισία από κυκλοφορίες σήμερα με τον Dannic να δίνει συνέχεια με το δυναμικό “Lion”. Το καινούργιο single του 27χρονου βγαίνει μέσω της Revealed Records:

“At the tail end of 2013, Revealed Recordings favorite DANNIC had proven an unstoppable titan to emerge from the Dutch club sphere. He returns this month hot off the heels of remix duties for “Beam,” joining the label for his first original stint since “Blueprint” alongside Sick Individuals with a lion’s roar towards the future of peak time club fuel. Already in heavy rotation from some of the industry’s hottest players and playing soundtrack to some of the globe’s biggest festivals, DANNIC employs groovy progressive aptitude and those signature massive breakdowns to show his sound at an all-time high for the earliest marks of the New Year. Given the affirmative action already established between DANNIC and Revealed Recordings, “Lion” is the sound of an artist truly on the rise and with no holds barred for 2014.

Out now on Revealed Recordings!
Grab your copy on Beatport: http://bit.ly/DannicLionBP

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