BANKS - Change (The Chainsmokers Hot & Steamy Edit) - beattown

Banks is absolutely incredible and everyone nowadays is all go deeper and shit… so we did….

NOTE ABOUT THE SONG: Well we heard this tune somewhere, we already knew of Banks and loved her… As soon as we heard this song it just connected with us. Who hasn’t ben in this position where all you want it to be taken back, but no matter how hard you try nothing happens, change or not, there is no hope. So we thought we would take this sad moment and give it some balls. With our additions It still had this dark sinister sexy quality but now it kinda throws that proverbial leather jacket and boots on and heads out for the night to move on…

NOTE FROM THIS PROMOTER WHO DATES ONE OF OUR GF’S BEST FRIENDS & ONLY LISTENS TO DEEP HOUSE… “You guys just don’t get deep house, its too mature for your taste…’ Well guy, put this in your deep house pipe and smoke it…


She is also on tour with The Weekdnd, we saw her at Radio City, and she is INCREDIBLE!”

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