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Exclusive Interview with Swanky Tunes


Swanky Tunes talked exclusively to Beat-Town a few hours after releasing their new smash single You Are Like Nobody Else featuring Peking Duk and James Mcnally! You can stream and purchase the song via Beatport:

The Russian trio has evolved over the last years to one of the most looked after EDM bands with massive remixes, great podcasts and singles which are played and supported around the world from fans and Djs! Swanky Tunes answered our questions and talked about their busy schedule in 2013 which includes also a lot of touring!


Beat-Town: First of all, we want to thank you for this interview on

Swanky Tunes: Hello. You’re welcome!


BT: You started in 2013 pretty strong and with good tracks: The “Clarity” remix, your “Showland” episodes, the massive “You Are Like Nobody Else” with James Mcnally. What are you planning next for this year?

ST: We have many plans. Of course we’ll continue to improve our label imprint SHOWLAND and our gigs schedule looks hot for this year. The only one thing we haven’t planned yet is a vacation (laughing).


BT: I guess you will be also touring a lot this year, right?

ST: Absolutely right yeah – all over the world! So excited for 2013.


BT: How do you feel when you see fans around the world enjoying your music? You’re from Russia and there are for example a lot of people in Greece who simply love your sound.

ST: You know, we feel amazing. There’s no feeling better than to see people enjoying music.

BT: When you first started producing songs, have you ever thought of having this kind of success?

ST: We dreamt to be successful music producers, but that wasn’t our main goal. First of all we wanted to produce music and make people dance.


BT: 2012 was definitely a huge season for you guys. After all these years, are you still feeling any pressure to top your previous works with the new ones?

ST: Just imagine, you have many children, but who’s the best one of them? Its the same for tracks. The only we can say, along these years we did our best to improve our sound and brought a lot of new stuff in the music we create.


BT: You belong to a generation of producers who searched for record deals without the whole social media thing. In the end of the day, do you feel lucky that you began like this? Is Facebook or Twitter a gift or maybe a curse?

ST: Never have thought about it as a gift, but looks like that yeah. Anyway this is great that we have all these social media recourses, which help us to promote the Swanky Tunes name.


BT: What would you suggest to a young beat maker who wants to promote his tracks or to start his own career in dance music in general?

ST: Do the new music. “New” means – make your own sounding stuff. It lets listeners recognize your tracks and will make you more popular.


BT: You have also your own label, Showland. Can you share with us any hints or extra info about upcoming artists or songs that are about to drop in the near future?

ST: We have scheduled many tracks to release on SHOWLAND. Mostly these tracks are collaborations with young artist like EITRO, DVBBS, Project 46, but also we have collabs are made together with Nari & Milani and our friends Hard Rock Sofa. It’s just a small part we can share right now. Just keep your eyes open and look out for SHOWLAND news.   


BT: And by saying “Showland” I have to address your successful podcast session. How do you feel about the fact that people support this radio show a lot, although it does not always follow the typical hitlist-thing? It seems that the fans are really interested in unreleased material or new talented producers you want to push a little bit.

ST: We are really glad with the result, but we didn’t expect to see such a great result. Let us explain why. In the very beginning we had just a conception “to give new music to people and doesn’t matter how big a producer is”. It was a kind of risk, cause some people don’t understand music until they have heard it on the radio or dj sets. After almost one year we can say this conception works and would like to thank all our listeners!

BT: Do you have specific goals you always wanted to achieve during your career? Something you’re aiming for?

ST: We’ve just said that SHOWLAND is the label and podcast. But we have one more thing to add here. Now SHOWLAND is a party. This March during Miami Music Week we’ll introduce our first party under the same name, then we’ll launch it around the world. So now our main goal is to make SHOWLAND brand completely full and let people enjoy all stuff we do.


BT: If I recall it right, you’re childhood friends! Is this maybe the “secret recipe” for being successful as a group?

ST: Yes, we are. Friendship helps us while we’re touring or working on a studio and makes us feel better! Close friends are close friends.


BT: Do you want to add some final words for your Greek fans and the readers of our site?

ST: We’ve never played in Greece, but happy to hear that many people like us there. Hope to see all of you this year. Cheers!


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