The Chainsmokers Ft. Great Good Fine Ok – Let You Go

The Chainsmokers Ft. Great Good Fine Ok - Let You Go

Οι The Chainsmokers επιστρέφουν με ένα ολοκαίνουριο single σε συνεργασία με τους Great Good Fine Ok Οι οποίοι δέχτηκαν αμέσως την πρόταση των παιδιών.

So we actually made contact with Great Good Fine Ok almost 2 years ago now and were in love with their single You’re The One For Me. We hit them up about collaborating on some music and they were super cool and into it. It was prlly 2 weeks later when they sent us the vocal for Let You Go and we were so into the emotion of the song and it sounded awesome over this really crappy skeleton demo we sent them to record over. To be honest, this was the first original song we ever intended to release, but then you know all that #selfie stuff happened and this got delayed… and delayed some more, and then delayed again. We would have loved to release it sooner to let ppl know there was more to us, but whatever, things unfold the way they do and we are so happy to finally release this now. of course it needed some updating but we think this is a really beautiful bend of all the styles we have exhibited in our other work. Working with really brilliant up and coming indie artists and our penchant for ear candy sounding progressive house. That said everyone is all on their high and mighty horse these days about the state of house, so many some ppl will think this is too ‘progressive house’ and it definitely is just that progressive house but it feels really fucking good, doesnt it…

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