LTN & Probity’s Arrival 02: Destination Indonesia (Album Teaser)


Riding high on the success of his latest track “Let Me Go” featuring Arielle Maren, Indonesia’s premier producer and DJ LTN has released a compilation with Probity titled “Arrival 02 – Destination Indonesia” on Silk Music. Featuring 20 new progressive and trance tracks by artists like Justin Oh, Denis Delcroix, Eleven.Five, Vintage and Morelli, Johan Vilborg, and LTN himself, “Arrival 02” is a journey through melancholy emotions and laidback beats.

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1 Arrival 02 (Continuous DJ Mix) Probity & LTN
2 In Do (‘Arrival 02’ Overture Mix) Denis Delcroix
3 Vesta MoodFreak, Mike Koglin & Sudhaus
4 Gamble Eleven.Five
5 You Can’t Hide Fon.Leman
6 Us Vintage & Morelli & LTN
7 Limbo SNR
8 Second Wind (Illuminor Remix) Johan Vilborg
9 Pyramid of Lights Justin Oh & Jonny Rose
10 Jakarta Vintage & Morelli
11 Toscana Sound Quelle & Max Meyer
12 Words Unspoken (Peter Illias Remix) Jacob Henry & Shingo Nakamura
13 Silence (David Broaders Remix) Lukas Termena & Sinoptik Music
14 Vault Sky APD & Kris Maydak
15 Moonlight Matt Fax
16 The Underground Sound LTN & Kokai
17 Elyse (‘Arrival’ Outro Mix) Eleven.Five
18 Closer Volant
19 Here I Am Eleven.Five & Marsh
20 The Last of Us Mrmilkcarton

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