Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP – Sugar Man (Preview)

sugarman yolanda be coool

“February 2010: Matt Handley and Andrew Stanley, aka Yolanda Be Cool, already making waves in what they called the “party tech” scene, and label mate Duncan Maclennan, aka DCUP, creating a similar stir on the Nu Disco tip, were sitting next to each other on a flight back from a gig when the seeds were sown for their collab, “We No Speak Americano.”

Inspired by artists such as Riva Starr and Zombie Disco Squad, YBC had a version that sparked the interest of DCUP who offered to add his touch to the mix. After 2 sessions, they sent their demo to Sweat It Out head honcho AJAX who instantly signed it to his label. And the rest is history.

Starting in the underground, with support from house luminaries such as Switch, Jesse Rose and Round Table Knights, then heading to the top of Beatport, then to the charts, where it went to number one in 17 countries and went platinum in, amongst others, the USA, Germany, the UK and Australia, selling over 5 million copies, YBC and DCUP soon found themselves in huge demand.

Festival headline shows followed and the boys have since traversed the globe many times over permeating the world with their brand of fun and fruity, sample based quirk house.
But with all the touring, the guys found it hard to find the time to get together. Until now.

As Andrew said, “We always intended to do more tunes together, but we just never seemed to be able to be in the same room for long enough. Then Duncan moved to Melbourne and for a while, I guess we just did our own thing.”

Duncan takes up the story, “As much as we wanted to do more tunes together, apart from finding the time, we also knew that finding a sample with the same magic as Americano was a must. We didn’t want to just put out tunes for the sake of it. Fast forward to now, and it just felt right to get back in the studio. We had been passing sample ideas back and forth for a while and we all just fell in love with Sugar Man. It felt right.”

So after 4 years, the boys are back together with Sugar Man, which re-envisions the classic 1970’s tune by Rodriguez. Not only that, but the boys are back on the road together with a national “Sugar Man” tour set to begin in Newcastle this Friday, 10 October and a special “Sugar Man” mix for Triple J’s mix up set to air Saturday 11 October jam packed with exclusives.

With many more tunes in the pipeline, the world is excited to see how many soundtracks to summers they have in them.”

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