Neon Trees – Sleeping With A Friend (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Neon Trees - Sleeping With A Friend The Chainsmokers Remix

Available on iTunes April 29th

Quickie from us: “Neon Trees, Neon Trees, Neon Trees… Such a dope group, you have to respect a band that has a real identity and doesnt give a fuck what ppl think, oh and they make great music. So when we had the chance to remix their single SWAF we were psyched to have the opportunity. As for the track itself, the vocal is really strong concept and we love, actually fuckin love songs like this. To us song writing is about misdirection or communicating something relatable in a clever authentic way and they nailed it with this one. As for our production we wanted to go a little bigger with this one, something a little more aggressive but with a chunky bassline and fun melody topline to match the vocal…. all in all we think the track winded up sounding pretty awesome’

Quickie from about actually sleeping with a friend… ” You know that best GF that finally spends the night over and you convince her its cool to spend the night in your bed and slowly you inch over to her to get into big spoon position trying to be ever so cool and smooth about it, and finally you get there, and youre thinking shit what now? and then you do the butt bump, and you wait what feels like forever for them to sorta push back thus initiating what will surely be hardcore sex…. no you dont know, thats funny we dont either…

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