Strange Talk – Young Hearts (The Chainsmokers Remix)


“Free Download – Nothing makes us happier than giving away a free remix to you all from a really tight up-and-coming band, in this case the super dope Strange Talk.

Quickie from us: “Well Strange Talk is rad, rolling stone describes their new EP as the perfect blend of Daft Punk meets Phoenix and as compliments go, it pretty much doesn’t get any better than that. So what happens when you take perfection, like lets say Nina Agdal and put Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on top of her… Perfect x 2… Initially I was making a metaphor as to how our remix made this even better, but in retrospect this just sounds really cocky… so our bad.. just enjoy the remix, its very fun!”

Quickie from us… “If she is good on top, don’t ever take that for granted…’


1) Great Gatsby and Thor are the shittiest movies ever…
2) Make sure you have sex to The Weeknd at least once in your life…
3)Horses Cannot vomit, trust us we had a bender with a stallion once…
5) If an Ant were the same size as a human it would travel as fast as a Lamborghini which is terrifying to think about… “

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