Download: Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful (Mysto & Pizzi Remix)


Οι Mysto & Pizzi αποφάσισαν να γιορτάσουν το γεγονός ότι έφτασαν τους 50,000 likes στο facebook και είπαν να ευχαριστήσουν τον κόσμο που τους στηρίζει μ’ ένα συμπαθητικό free download που ξεκινάει κάπως περίεργα αλλά μετά ανεβαίνει αισθητά:

“Hey guys, finally, here is our Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful remix!!! we are giving it away as a free download for helping us reach 50,000k likes on our Facebook page!! It took us a while to finish this mix cause we just weren’t sure on which arrangement and mix to settle on, but finally its done!. We loved the original song so much we really wanted to do a mix that we can fit into our sets. The breakdown in Kaskade’s remix is what inspired us to build a whole mix based around the airy spacey vocal riffs and give it a bit of a trance melody. Hope you guys enjoy this! Download for free on our facebook page!

We are also thinking about releasing an extended edit where we have more of the musical breakdown and 2nd verse included, most likely coming shortly for download as well, stay tuned !

Mastered by Ricardo Gutierrez @ Stadiumred (
-Mysto & Pizzi”

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