Sydo & Sean Angel – Bash (Original Mix)

Sean Angel & Sydo - BEATTOWN

“It’s not the first time Sydo and Sean Angel are working together in the studio. We consider the two producers more as a duet, as beyond their solo carriers, they have given tracks and remixes in the dance music industry, that have gained great success combining the knowledge and talent of two in one.

“We started working together in the middle of 2011, with the first collaboration track being released almost a year later, April 2012. From that point we noticed that many DJs and producers we admire like Roger Sanchez, Dr. Kucho!, Tristan Garner, Antoine Clamaran and more, started supporting our work. We didn’t have to think much. We released about 15 records together and made tones of unreleased stuff. That was the way.”

Nowdays the phenomenal dance music producer and DJ duo considered established in their home country Greece and one of the most hard working upcoming electronic acts in the international scene, with the average number of releases reaching one record per month. That’s an album every year if you think about it. Hard for the most to follow. But even if Sydo & Sean Angel going straight releasing tracks in world acclaimed labels like Strictly Rhythm, Housesession, Suka, Wormland and more, they surprise us with their next collaboration “Bash” being the first release of a new label called “Redoubt Records”.

“We still consider ourselves as ‘upcoming’. All the things we have done together are just the 2% of what we want and what we can do. We have many things to learn, a lot of hard work to do and a really long road to walk through to get there. The only thing that changed is our choices, collaboration wise. We have to be careful when it comes to where you put your name on or next to who. Our next release ‘Bash’ will be out July 15th by Redoubt Records. Many people asking why a new label that no one knows. These guys from New York came in contact with us and we talked about Redoubt and their vision. They wanted us in their team. We said yes and you will see soon why. This is going to be huge!”

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