Daughter – Medicine (The Chainsmokers Remix)

Daughter - Medicine (The Chainsmokers Remix) - beattown

FREE DOWNLOAD – but you know we are addicted to LIKES, we need them, its like our crack, if we dont get them we will be out on the street essing dees for them… so please take a second, like our song, we worked hard on it and then this lil gem is all yours, and it keeps us off the streets….

Quickie from us: “We heard this song on a depressing cold winter day in NYC (it can get pretty bad) but as soon as we heard the haunting voice of Elena from Daughter and the bands equally incredible wallowing piano chords, we didn’t necessarily feel happier, but we fell in love with the song and knew we had to try give our Chainsmokers touch to it without ruining the already beautiful song”

Quickie from our GFs about the song ” If you guys don’t, like, get famous soon I am going to call Jared Leto Back”

HEART <3 US ON HYPEM: http://bit.ly/10wh3qC

More about DAUGHTER here: www.facebook.com/ohdaughter 
Go and Purchase their EP “Wild Youth” we did and its brilliant 

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