Video: Sander van Doorn, DubVision & Mako – Into The Light

Sander van Doorn, DubVision & Mako – Into The Light - beattown

Να’το και το επίσημο βίντεο της μεγάλης συνεργασίας ανάμεσα στους Sander van Doorn, Dubvision και Mako με τον τίτλο “Into The Light”:

“After the worldwide success of hit singles ‘Koko’ ‘Nothing Inside’ and ‘Joyenergizer’, Sander van Doorn is ready to drop another bomb on the EDM scene. His new single ‘Into The Light’ is a rock-steady collab between the Duch-bred duo DubVision and up-and-coming American, LA-based duo Mako. Needless to say, this track is one that every DJ should use as a secret dancefloor weapon. Powerfull progressive beats combined with a beautiful vocal that will take everyone out there into complete awe. Available April 29 on”

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