Stefano Noferini – Sometimes (Original Club Mix)

“Italian house supremo Stefano Noferini is back with two total tech onslaughts for Toolroom in the shape of the dancefloor devastating double header Sometimes / Make Me Feel. Sometimes completes the EP and keeps the groove going as it builds the percussion to a peak and the place to boiling point! Big beats and a booming bass shudder the club into a unanimous rhythm as some seriously swing-laden loops roll out alongside a deliciously deep vocal that works that dancefloor. Quickfire filterwork adds the finishing touches and keeps the crowd guessing as the track hits its climax!

Showcasing Stefanos ability to work a floor with pristine production, Make Me Feel blasts out some serious low-end club rumbling sub sounds that cause the crowd to unite as it drops in your set! An infectious old-skool stab pattern brings a classic touch over tight grooves, techy beats and a seriously contagious sample thats guaranteed to pack the place as it hits the sound system.Two cuts crammed with interest & certified to cause maximum club carnage; a huge return to the summer Toolroom Records schedules for Stefano Noferini!”

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