Download: Young Chris – Young Christmas: The EP

Κατεβάστε εύκολα, γρήγορα και άμεσα το νέο EP του Young Chris, πρώην μέλος των αγαπημένων Young Guns!




1. Property Tax (Produced by: Mike Jerz)
2. So fly (Produced by: Cardiak)
3. Still Creeping (Produced by: Mike Jerz)
4. 100 & Rolling (Produced by: Mike Jerz)
5. 6 In da Morning Prouduced by: (CERTIFYD)
6. Make you a Believer (Produced by: CERTIFYD)
7. *Bonus* Black out
8. *Bonus* Trouble on my Mind (Produced by: Ritz)

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