Download: Jay-Z – S. Carter Collection Mixtape

Πόσο καλύτερα μπορεί να συνεχίσει η ημέρα, όταν μας υπενθυμίζεται μέσω facebook ένα τέτοιο tape για κατέβασμα? Για όσους δεν έτυχε ποτέ να το τσεκάρουν, ακολουθήστε το link και δείτε και την tracklist στην συνέχεια του άρθρου.

«The best mixtape ever…? Originally created to commemorate Jay-Z’s S. Carter sneaker, this signature mixtape from 2003 found him freestyling over classic beats and featured a few cuts from earlier albums.»




1.Young black and gifted freestyle (maria carey skit)

2.Pump it up freestyle

3.Youre only a customer

4.Baby freestyle

5.B2k freestyle

6.I dont want to be alone

7.Notorious big interview

8.Flava in your ear freestyle

9.Young gs featuring p diddy and notorious big

10.Rusell simmons skit

11.Cant be done freestyle

12.Black gangsta

13.Og skit

14.Rock star freestyle

15.Rock my world remix featuring michael jackson

16.Its like that

17.Beware featuring punjabi mc

18.Cant knock the hustle remix featuring 2pac and m

19.In my lifetime remix

20.Blunts and armadale freestyle

21.A word from the president

22.Excuse me miss remix


24.I miss you remix featuring aaliya

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